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Who we are!

My mission is to celebrate others in a way that reflects their style, personality, and individuality without compromising on design or losing sight of their vision!

Meet Teyanna Bailey, the face of Essence of Flair

Hey, welcome to my website! My name is Teyanna Bailey, and I am the Owner and Lead Designer at Essence of Flair Weddings and Events.

In November 2013, I started my business named Gift of Gab Greetings where I created Greeting Cards. Although Greeting Cards were great, E-cards were on the rise, so I didn't see it going far. The following year in 2014, I started making Wedding Invitations and loved it. This was also the year my mom passed away. My mom and I were very close, and I took the loss very hard.

So fast forward to 2015, I was successful at Invitations but so was Evite! So, I decided to take a break and go to school. I went for Interior Architecture and Design with the intention of being an Interior Designer. However, I was missing weddings and the joy I brought to my couples. So, I decided to still do Wedding Invitations but add on services, like Design and Decor. 

When I'm designing a Wedding or Event, I get to really show off my creativity and bring my clients vision to life. As if decor wasn't enough, I decided to go back to school again. This time for Floral Design where I trained under Celebrity Floral Designer, Michael Gaffney here in NYC. And then I purchased a few Photo Booths because who doesn't love a Photo Booth at any Event?!

Event Planning and Designing is very important to me. I treat every client how I want to be treated and I treat your event like it's my own. My mom passed away on the day I delivered invitations to my very first client, so she never got to see any of my work. I feel like my mom is smiling down on me with happiness and joy, so not only do I want to make my clients happy, I want to make my mom proud!

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Our Approach

We bring years of experience with Event Planning and Design. Our skills include outstanding organization, the ability to focus on multiple tasks, budget reconciliation, and managing multiple vendors.


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